Frequently Asked Questions about Harbor of Hope:

Q: Where is Harbor of Hope?

A: The Harbor of Hope is located at 803 Lyon Street Des Moines, Iowa.

Q: What is the capacity of Harbor of Hope?

A: The Harbor of Hope serves up to 16 residents. Due to high demand for our services, we are constantly turning potential residents away.

Q: Who can be placed at Harbor of Hope?

A: All residents are male and over the age of 18. Most residents are referred from the Iowa Department of Corrections, Iowa Drug Court, and Powell CDC. All residents will be undergoing addiction recovery.

Q: Do sex offenders live at the Harbor of Hope?

A: No. We are within 2,000 feet of a school and daycare. Allowing sex offenders would be in direct violation of the 2,000-foot rule established by the Iowa Legislature.

Q: How long can a resident stay and do you have to pay rent?

A: Residents are required to stay a minimum of six months and allowed to stay a maximum of two years. All residents are required to pay $500/a month rent.

Q: What is it like to live at the Harbor of Hope?

A: Harbor of Hope requires all residents to complete their chores and abide by a 10 p.m. curfew. Exceptions are granted by the executive director only.

Q: If a resident fails in their recovery, can he be readmitted?

A: Yes! We believe in second chances, but we refuse to waste residency on any man not willing to work for/on their sobriety.

Any further questions can be directed to Tom Pontow, executive director, at info@harborofhopeiowa.com.