What We Do

The Harbor of Hope is a recovery house based in Des Moines, Iowa. We strive to provide men coming from prison, jail, treatment, or other programs access and information to resources in the community – while providing them with safe, adequate housing. Our goal is to plug our clients into the community by teaching them how to utilize the resources available, so that asking for help becomes that much easier.

Program Index for 2016:

• 108 applications received
• 45 clients admitted
• 71% of clients fulfilled 6-month commitment
• 3.5 weeks on average to find a job
• $9.75 average hourly wage at placement
• 100% were seen by CareMore/Primary Health Care
• 100% were seen by a mental health therapist (Synergy)
• 100% of residents participate in 12-step recovery programs

The Harbor focuses on five key areas of recovery:

1. Education.
2. Employment.
3. Financial training.
4. Reconnecting to family and friends.
5. Physical and mental health.