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Contact Information:

• Phone: (515) 244-0370
• Fax: (515) 244-3707
• Email:

Application Process:

If you are a counselor at a prison, jail, or treatment center- please send us all three parts of this application. Along with the application, please send us a copy of the clients most recent physical (with the appropriate release forms), a behavior report, and a personal letter from the client. The letter should contain vital information such as, what he does for work, if he has children, what he plans to do for recovery, etc. After we receive this information we will reach out to schedule a phone interview.

If you are not in treatment, jail, or prison, and wish to apply for residency. Please send us all three parts of the application along with a personal letter. This information can be mailed, faxed, or you can drop it off during the Harbor’s business hours 10am-6pm, ask for Tom or Matt.

Follow the link below to access the application:

Harbor of Hope Recovery House Application